January 3, 2010

Support Zazzler Causes

Earlier tonight I started a new blog for Zazzlers. While looking for a design to promote I came across a shirt with a missing persons message. After posting the design it got me to thinking. Why not start another blog featuring Zazzler Causes? There are many artist that spend much time and effort to raise awareness.

I will be searching Zazzle for cause/awareness designs and try to post something new each day. Especially charities for the cure of diseases.

Wow the batteries in my new keyboard went dead. At least I hope that's what happened. I also hope that the next batteries will last longer than 2 weeks. Good thing the mouse was still working. It let me shut down and hook up the old keyboard without having to pull the plug.

Annnyway back to the subject at hand. If you have a cause design you would like promoted please leave a comment. I'll try to get to them but no promises. Hehe I'm making it sound like there's tons of traffic already smiley.


  1. Hi fellow Zazzler! Great idea for a blog.

    The purpose of my Zazzle shop is to promote awareness of the dangers of texting while driving.

    Hope you can use some of these, but if you would rather concentrate on diseases, I'll understand.


  2. I would LOVE to have help promoting my Don't Drink and Drive products. Anything I make from that product line is being sent to a related charity, and I'd really like to raise both more money for them and more awareness of the issue.

    Thanks for creating this blog. It's a great idea and a wonderful service!

    PR Prints

  3. Sensato yours is posted. Prprints yours will be the next post. Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Thanks for helping to spread the word about causes we care about. I'm grateful to be in a position to make a difference for those who cannot help themselves.

    Part of the proceeds from all elephant products at my shop will go to Elephant Nature Park, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here rescued working Asian elephants (an endangered species), many of whom have suffered decades of abuse and/or injuries, can live the rest of their lives in peace, with other elephants, just being elephants.

    The Park also provides jobs and income to surrounding villages, in addition to educating them about elephants and treating them with love and respect.

    They provide free medical care and education to other working elephants, whose owners can barely afford to feed them, much less medicate them. And they work to preserve the surrounding forest and trees, important not only as habitat for elephants, but also to reduce global warming.

    Find more information at my shop, as well as elephant products such as Baby Elephant Invitations, which feature an adorable baby elephant under its mother or aunt's legs. You can customize them by filling in your information on the back.

    Thank you!
    Alina's Pencil: whimsical words and pictures

  5. You are welcome Alina. My wife will be very happy to hear of your cause. She loves elephants :)

  6. Wonderful blog idea! You might enjoy our Zazzle shop, zazzle.com/karatekatgraphics -- half our proceeds go to Save the Children, a time-tested organization working with kids in extreme poverty.

  7. Thank you Mary. Your comment came just in time. I got a late start and was starting to look for the next cause to showcase. Good thing I checked my mail first :).

  8. I hope you are still helping to promote our causes! My design is for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, a cause that is very close to me. Too close, in fact, as my 19 year old daughter is struggling with this terrible disease.
    Thanks again!


  9. Hello Tee Thyme,

    I am so sorry to hear that M.S. has stricken your daughter. Yes I am still promoting causes. I am looking at your store at this moment and like your designs. A message was just sent through your shop asking for any info you would like me to include in a post about your cause.

    May God bless you and your family :)