January 7, 2010

Don't Drink and Drive

If you can't walk a straight line what makes you think you can drive one? The problem is once someone is drunk they aren't thinking clearly. They are close to being in a dream state. The time to make an intelligent decision is before getting drunk. The choice lies with the sober person not the drunk one. Everyone knows before they drink what can happen if they drink too much.

There are decades worth of statistics. There are thousands of graves and grieving families. Sadly these mean nothing to a drunk driver. They are basically on autopilot reduced to pride and immediate need. You can not reason with a drunk. So do not let yourself get into that situation. Most often one does not even know they have taken a life until they are sober. Imagine waking up in jail wondering what has happened. The hours behind you are an unknown blur. You have awoke to find that you have taken a life. You didn't go to sleep and have a nightmare. You woke up to one.

Please do not let this happen to you. Besides it is not just you it happens to. It is the person whose life can be cut short. It is the lives of their friends and families. Do not drink and drive. Better yet do not get drunk. As always do not let anyone else drive drunk. Please help spread the word. Visit PR Prints Zazzle store for more Don't drink and drive products.


  1. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word! It is so sad that something so preventable can cause so much distruction and pain for people. Simply planning ahead to arrange a safe way home would make all the difference in the world.

    Please don't drink and drive, and don't let others drink and drive either.

    I should also note that all proceeds from any sales in that product line are going to a related charity.

    PR Prints

  2. @PRPrints
    You are very welcome. Yes it is sad and it so preventable. Each person knows before drinking what can happen afterward.