January 9, 2010

Elephant Nature Park 2010 Calendar

(The following is a verbatim description from the calendar artist.)

"The Elephant Nature Park, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is home to rescued working Asian elephants. Most of them have spent their lives logging, begging on the streets, being forced to breed, or hauling tourists on their backs for long hours daily. Some have suffered abuse and torture by their owners. Some have injuries from land mines, parasites, wounds, and starvation. Most have mental problems from stress and fright. Several are blind or partially blind; many limp from foot, leg, hip, and back problems. But they are free to live the rest of their lives at the sanctuary just being elephants, mingling with others (or not), if they so choose.

This 2010 wall calendar contains color photographs of the elephants at the Park. See groups of adults and baby elephants, older female aunties, dust bathing, and river bathing. This is a great gift for an elephant lover or anyone who wants to help to protect and defend Asian elephants and their habitat. Part of the proceeds from the sale of all elephant products at my store will go to support the heartwarming, crucial work they do at the Elephant Nature Park. In addition to providing a refuge, they provide jobs for neighboring villages, who grow pesticide-free food for the animals; protect the surrounding forest; and are building other sanctuaries, so more animals can live in peace and freedom. Visit their site: elephantnaturepark.org

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