February 28, 2010

Zazzlers In Need

Zazzler Causes was started to showcase Cause and Awareness related designs. I have been moved to make an addition to this. With so many artist involved there are sure to be Zazzlers who are disabled or have family members that are. In some cases Zazzle may be a way to help supplement their income. For others it may be their sole source. Some may have become unemployed and are having trouble finding work.

If you are or know of a Zazzler in need I may feature them here and on the Facebook Page. Leave a post here or on the Zazzler Causes Facebook Discussion post.

There is a stipulation. In keeping with my faith I post only family friendly designs and do not post anything pagan or otherwise anti-Christian. This includes non-biblical holidays.

Thanks and may Yahweh bless you!

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