February 3, 2010

Autism Awareness

Instead of siting facts and statistics relating to Autism I want to talk about one of it's effects on society. Autism tends to shed light on the character of those who do not have it. This ability is shared by other diseases and afflictions. I am certain many of you have seen this ability in action. Those afflicted and their family members have definitely seen it. Take the following as an example.

A person with Autism or maybe a burn victim decides to go to the zoo. They take in the sights, the smells, and the beautiful scenery. Others there have been doing the same thing. The bunches of people stroll along likely brushing against one another while trying to get a better look at the monkeys as they do what monkeys do. A security camera at the zoo takes it all in. When watched later the video can be used as a lesson in human behavior instead of animal. An attentive student will notice not many people brush against the Autistic or burn victim. In fact a break in the general pattern of the zoo visitors is evident. You can see more unattended space around our subject. Also many have turned their gaze from the animals and are now staring at the center of this space. Strangely some parents are even directing their children away from it. It's as if they are protecting them from something unpleasant or even dangerous. An attentive student may also notice something else. The look on many the faces has become less intelligent than the animals they came to see.

We all know that this really happens. I often wonder why some people react this way. Why look at the victim of a disease or accident with distaste, fear, or loathing? Not to take away from the design above but here is another idea for a t-shirt. Those with a disease or deformity can have a mirror on their shirts. That way the people gawking at them can see how ridiculous they themselves look smiley.

The creator of the design above is the mother of an Autistic son. She does not want people staring at him. Please visit mrs_eke's Store at Zazzle for more wonderful designs and to help raise awareness. Thank you.

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